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Age: 18 months onwards Monday to Friday


Age: 2 years onwards Monday to Friday

Pre  Nursery

Age: 2.5 years onwards Monday to Friday

About Us

A Step Ahead was founded in 2002 by Mrs. Dolly Kochhar, a mother, an MBA and a committed educationist who was convinced that toddlers could truly benefit from the sterling, Montessori way of education if combined with the Play way Method.

Her association with teaching began with her first job with the Iran Swiss School. She later went on to complete her MBA from Bucknell University, Pennsylvania, stepping into the banking sector. She soon gave up her career in finance management to go back to her first love - teaching.

With years of teaching experience in Canada where she acquired the skills to ensure your child receives the very best in pre-school education, she moved back to India where she set up her own school: A Step Ahead.

A decade after setting up the school, Mrs. Kochhar's endeavour to add to the educare experience for her little student continues as an ongoing quest.

Our classrooms are like creative workshops where students are supported and encouraged to apply creative concepts and ideas in practical situations.

We provide personal attention to each child and nurture them throughout the learning process. We promote an open door policy, encouraging an active involvement of both the parents throughout the child's pre-school experience. Through school diaries, monthly newsletters, and regular parent teacher meetings, our faculty shares with them the various programs deployed to meet every child's unique educational needs.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to A Step Ahead.

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We believe that little challenges are the stepping stones to big successes. Our facilitators incorporate these little challenges in every sphere of learning. We encourage discovery, creativity, problem solving, language and independence through an interdisciplinary approach. Our ethos lies in the belief that education is about awareness of the world, about independent thought, about values, about culture and team spirit. At 'A Step Ahead,' learning does not end with a bell. Everyday is an adventure and a smile is the only uniform.
At 'A Step Ahead' we are committed to motivating our children to develop their confidence and to convert "I can't to I can". Based on the Montessori system 'A Step Ahead' teaches children life skills that go beyond preschool teaching.